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Due to unwanted combination of Rahu and Ketu “KaalSarp Yog” occurs.

Rahu is known as the head of the Sarpa and Ketu is known as the tail of the Sarpa.

Due to the Kaalsarp dosh there are economical and psychological disturbances in human life.

According to the vedic karmakanda the god of the Rahu is Kaal and sub god is Sarpa. Kaal means time and Sarpa means snake. When rahu is along with kaal and sarpa it is called as PAPGRAHA.

According to Vedas 'Rahu' is the son of 'Sinhika' who was the wife of Hiranyakashapu. It has been believed that Rahu is stronger than Sun and Moon. That’s why it’s good and bad impact is definite. If rahu is in its SHUBH position then it blesses the human with good fortune. And if Rahu is in its DUSHIT Sthan then human have to suffer with bad fortune.

So to get rid of bad effects of Kaalsarp-Dosh the Kaalsarp shanty Puja is neccessary.

1] Due to the Kaalsarp shanty Puja all negative effects of Rahu and Ketu get dislove and the human get positive effects from this Puja.

2] To get rid from kaalsarp dhosh we have to pray to lord 'Shiva', that’s why this Kalsarp shanty Puja must be carried out in Trimbakeshwar only because along with lord shiva, brama and Vishnu are also part of Jyotirling. That’s why we get amazingly quick results at Trimbakeshwar.

3] Kalsarp shanty Puja vidhi: Kalsarp shanty Puja vidhi is carried out in a single day. Which includes Ganpati poojan , punayahavachan, matruka poojan, naandishradha, navgragha poojan, rudharakalash poojan and finally balipradan & purnahuti.

Types Of KaalSarp Yog

1. Anant Kaalsarp Yoga 2. Kulik KaalSarp Yoga 3. Vasuki KaalSarp Yoga
4. Shankpal KaalSarp Yoga 5. Padam KaalSarp Yoga 6.Mahapadam KaalSarp Yoga
7. Takshak KaalSarp Dosh 8. Karkotak KaalSarp Yoga 9. Shankachood KaalSarpa Yoga
10 Pataka KaalSarpa Yoga 11.Vishakta KaalSarpa Yoga 12.Shesha Naga KaalSarpa Yoga